An unidentified man who got lost while riding a motorcycle and possibly going into a closed off area near Seeley Lake was rescued on Tuesday morning.

Public Information Officer Brenda Bassett with the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office provided details.

“We had received a call in our dispatch center that a 20 year-old male had gone missing in the Seeley Swan area,” said Bassett, “Our Search and Rescue unit was activated along with BLM and the U.S. Forest Service and our deputies to hopefully find this individual. We eventually called in Two Bear Air out of Whitefish and they were able to assist.”

Bassett said the man was found safe on Tuesday morning.

“He was found with no injuries. He had ridden his motorcycle behind a closed gate, and when they went searching for him, they found his motorcycle with no gas and they found a campfire which they believed was his last location. There was a piece of clothing that appeared to be his. I believe he was trying to find his way out but eventually got lost.”

Bassett said there could be citations issued by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) if it is determined that the man was in an area that was off limits to motorcycles.

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