On Monday night, 49-year-old Ned Gardner was arrested for criminal endangerment and partner or family member assault. On Wednesday afternoon, Gardner appeared in Missoula Justice Court and Deputy County Attorney Carrie Garber explained the allegations in this case.

“The facts of this case are that he's alleged to have been driving in a vehicle with his current girlfriend, that he attempted to scare the crap out of her by driving at a high rate of speed toward multiple buildings, stopping just short of those buildings, and driving into oncoming traffic,” Garber said. “She felt that he was trying to kill them.”

The victim in this case told officers that Gardner hit her approximately 35 times.

“Once they got back to the residence, she is alleging that he punched her and that is when she ran outside and called 911,” Garber said. “The defendant was extremely intoxicated even though he was just recently discharged from the custodial portion of his felony sentence. One of the most extreme conditions that he is in violation of is possessing and consuming alcohol, which he is strictly forbidden from doing as part of his felony sentence.”

According to Garber, that felony sentence was also for domestic violence. Gardner was just released in June of this year after serving his time in custody for that case.

Justice of the Peace Alex Beal presided over this case and he provided the following statement.

“Because you have been charged with a partner or family member assault and because there is this no contact condition, if you were to contact her, that could be a separate criminal offense,” Beal said. “While you are on a parole hold and this is therefore a meaningless act, I do set bond in the amount of $250,000 in your case. It is the thought that counts. I just want you to know that I don’t think you should get out of jail.”

The state originally requested bail be set in the amount of $75,000. Gardner was charged with felony criminal endangerment and felony partner or family member assault. He has at least two prior convictions of partner or family member assault.

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