On Friday, Missoula Sheriff’s deputies responded to a residence at Sage Hen Court. A complainant was asking for law enforcement assistance in removing an unwanted individual from the residence. Deputies made contact with the homeowner who asked to have 50-year-old David Guinard removed from his home.

Deputies made contact with Guinard in the home, advised him he was not welcome there, and escorted him out. Guinard had outstanding arrest warrants, but the deputies decided not to arrest him upon the warrants at that time due to COVID protocols at the detention facility. Guinard was allowed to drive away.

Soon thereafter, deputies observed Guinard’s truck stopped at an intersection not far from the residence. The deputies followed Guinards's truck to ensure he would stay away from the residence, but Guinard began to re-approach the residence so deputies initiated a traffic stop.

A deputy told Guinard to exit the vehicle, but Guinard refused.  The deputy attempted to physically remove Guinard from the driver's seat of the truck, but Guinard shifted the truck into drive and started driving, causing the deputy to be dragged by the vehicle.

The deputy’s arm was partially pinned between the dash and steering column. After being dragged close to a block, the deputy was able to escape the moving vehicle.

Multiple additional Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene. Guinard's truck was eventually pinned with patrol vehicles and deputies proceeded with further attempts to place Guinard under arrest. Guinard fought with officers and actively resisted arrest. During this process, the driver's side window of Guinard's truck was broken.

A deputy utilized K9 police dog Loki in an attempt to apprehend Guinard safely. Loki tried multiple times jumping into the truck via the driver's window. Loki was unsuccessful because Guinard kicked Loki's head, knocking him onto the ground. This caused Loki to fall on the broken glass and cut all of his paw pads.

After tasers and pepper spray were both deployed, Guinard was ultimately removed from the truck and placed under arrest. Guinard was charged with felony assault on a peace officer, harming a police dog, and resisting arrest. Deputy County Attorney Carrie Garber went on to provide Guinard’s criminal history.

“There was a conviction for assault this year and a failure to appear within the last year,” Garber said. “He has an obstructing, resisting, felony criminal endangerment, and felony drugs in 2016. He has two separate order of protection violations as well. One was in 2007 and one was in 2008. There was an obstructing in 2000, a sexual assault in 1996, and an assault in 1989.”

Given Guinard’s lengthy criminal history, Garber said the Missoula County Attorney’s Office was requesting $25,000 bond. Judge Alex Beal set bond at $50,000 and ordered Guinard to participate in the pretrial supervision program.

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