Ah, high school graduation season, and with it of course the post-ceremony parties and gatherings of friends and family.

There are naturally going to be snafus along the way, and we are in no way condemning any particular store for being inept. Mistakes happen. But, NO!!!!!! NOT THE CAKE!!!!!

AP tells us that a high school graduation party in Pasadena,Texas, went a little sideways when a woman's cake order for her daughter's party got lost at a local WalMart. Needless to say when she went to pick up the cake, it was nowhere to be found. So to try to make things right, the store invited her to take any cake that they had on display and they would gladly decorate the frosting.  It turns out the cake they decorated was a block of plastic foam that was coated in frosting.

It must have made for a realistic display, but unfortunately it went undetected until party time. So, back to the WalMart where not only did the manager give the woman a real cake, but also over $60 in gift cards for her trouble. Here's hoping everything else at the party went as smooth as frosting.


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