With my brother and daughter sharing a birthday on July 5th, we had some family in town over the weekend to celebrate the holiday 4th and birthday 5th. I took my siblings axe throwing at Lumberjaxe Throwing Company in Missoula. I've been a few times but it was their introduction into the world of flinging axes for sport. My sister commented on how it was a surprising stress release and a great way to take out some aggression. If you haven't been, you have to try it. It's a great excuse to hang with friends, enjoy a few beverages, and kill an hour with some fun entertainment.

It was just last year that Lumberjaxe opened their facility on Toole Ave near Draught Works. So it was a bit of a surprise when I was chatting with the owner and learned that Lumberjaxe will soon be on the move! They'll be transitioning to a bigger location near Trempers Shopping Center that will allow them to have more throwing lanes, along with some pretty cool added options when it comes to game play.

What I took away from the conversation is that things will resemble a bowling alley in a way. One new feature that sounds pretty cool is lanes will have a monitor at the table where throwers will be able to choose different gaming options. After selecting the type of game or competition, it will be displayed on the wall by a projector. It will open throwers up to a variety of experiences because you'll be able to change between different virtual games and backgrounds that are all projected onto a blank wall instead of a permanent background.

This KPAX video below talks about the reconstruction of Kent Plaza, and includes details on other businesses that will become tenants in addition to Lumberjaxe.

The hope is for Lumberjaxe to be able to make the move to their new location by the end of August. Until they do, check out Lumberjaxe Throwing Company at 812 Toole Ave suite B, in Missoula.


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