There's something very film noir about "What She Wants Tonight," Luke Bryan's dramatic new radio single. His main character could be a femme fatale in a James Bond movie if Bond came to rural America.

Passing references of trucks and Kentucky keep the song country, but otherwise, "What She Wants Tonight" is a fantasy that finds Bryan subject to a wild woman's charms and urgent sexual desires. The chorus is particularly uncensored: "She wants my hands on her body / She wants to burn like she’s made of fire," he sings.

Insert flushed face emoji here.

The temperature of "What She Gets Tonight" falls somewhere between "That's My Kind of Night" and "Strip It Down" in Bryan's catalog of hits. Sonically it's a much more progressive track than "Knockin' Boots" or anything since his Kill the Lights album, and he does break new ground at the very end. Hang tight for the singer's falsetto.

The new release follows Bryan's "Knockin' Boots," which reached No. 1 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart. Both songs are presumably from a forthcoming album, but Bryan has yet to reveal any details about a new project.

The singer and songwriter released his most recent album project, What Makes You Country, in December of 2017. That album scored four hits with "Light It Up," "Most People Are Good," "Sunrise Sunburn, Sunset" and the title song.

Did You Know?: Bryan wrote "What She Wants Tonight" with Ross Copperman, Hillary Lindsey and Jon Nite.

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Luke Bryan's "What She Wants Tonight" Lyrics:

She walks up, velvet rope unhooks / She snaps her fingers and a drink comes / She locks you down with just one look / She’s got this whole club undone / If she’s on a rebound you ain’t gonna know it / Coming off a heartbreak she ain’t gonna show it / She’s eyes caught, red dot, locked on me, yeah

She wants my hands on her body / She wants to burn like she’s made of fire / She ain’t going home ‘till we, drink every drop of Kentucky dry / Don’t even know what she’ll do but she does it / Palm of her hand I’m hers in a blink of an eye / She don’t take no and I love / She gets what she wants and I get to be what she wants tonight / I get to be what she wants tonight.

I get to catch all her secrets / Sequins bouncing off flashing lights / If she wants it than we’re leaving / Getting me home, park the truck, cut the tires / I get to be where she goes when she’s lonely / The last door of the night that she’s closing / I know she could have anything but …”

Repeat Chorus

And I don’t know how I got to be the only thing she needs right now.

Repeat Chorus

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