The nesting habits of some birds can cause lots of damage. In fact, NorthWestern Energy is asking the public's help in spotting large osprey nests on power poles in Montana. Much like the photo above, the large bird constructs large nests, with can cause power outages, fires and puts the birds in danger of being electrocuted.

By the way, the photo above is at the KLYQ radio tower on the north edge of Hamilton and is not of electrocution danger. Osprey have been living there for years safely, yet "flight school" for the youngsters seems a little risky that high up.

Back to Northwestern Energy's request - when someone reports a power pole nest, Northwestern goes into their Avian Protection Plan, where they remove the nest (if there are no eggs inside) and will sometimes replace it with a platform on the pole or nearby. The company has tried to be pro-active by installing hundreds of platforms to keep the birds safe and avoid any bird-caused power outages.

The plan was developed by the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee (APP), including Edison Electric Institute, U.S. Fish and Wildlife and a number of utility companies. The group has come up with "avian-friendly" power poles and provides training for line crews. The APP wants to reduce bird injuries from power lines. To report a nest, call 1-888-467-2669 or check the NorthWestern Energy pole safety website. We're in the middle of nesting activity right now in Western Montana, so be aware of the nests.

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