It's the time of year when everyone flocks to their nearest ice cream shop. Dairy Queen locations are some of the busiest fast food locations on a hot summer day. In fact, according to a recent study Dairy Queen is the most popular fast food restaurant in Montana.

Montana is in the top 5 for states with the most amount of Dairy Queen restaurants - with North Dakota holding the top spot. North Dakota has 5 DQ restaurants for every 100,000 people while Montana has an average of 3.4 DQs for every 100,000 people.

Lolo residents have been missing out on their Blizzards for over half a year now. The former owner of the Lolo DQ location closed the doors due to COVID-19 in November of 2020. She felt that it was a good time for her to bow out and take her much needed retirement. Now, under new ownership, the Lolo DQ was completely torn down and built back from the ground up. Before leaving, former owner Cindy Mandell informed us that the new location will now be a DQ Grill and Chill - so we'll have a new option in Lolo for burgers, fries, chicken strips and ICE CREAM.

No word on when the new Grill and Chill location will open. But, the construction of the new building seems to be coming along fairly quickly. Hopefully it will be fully staffed and opened before the dog days of summer. Nothing cures a miserable hot summer day like a Blizzard, DQ sundae or a DILLY BAR.

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