One thing was always true around our house at Christmastime - there was going to be a real tree and none of that fake tree nonsense. Going to the tree farm.....or just getting one from the makeshift Christmas tree stand in the K-Mart parking was the yearly tradition when I was growing up. I loved having a real tree and had zero interest in ever having a fake one. A couple of years after we got married, my wife decided she was tired of all the hassle that comes with a real tree and she declared it was time to go fake. I was pretty grumpy about turning my back on the ways of my Christmases past but I went along with it.

These days, if the conversation ever comes up about about getting a real tree, all I can think about is how much of a pain it was to try and get a container under the lowest branches of a tree to give it water. Or how you find needles on the floor weeks after Christmas. Or how inconvenient it is to try and get rid of your tree after Christmas has come and gone. My younger self would hate the person I've become - but I've gone fake and I'm never going back. But man.......I do miss the smell of a real tree.

Have you seen that Christmas trees are having a surge in popularity this year? There's stories about shortages and places around the country are even taking appointments for people to get their trees. It makes sense - it's been a rough year and more people are turning to real trees to capture a little Christmas joy.

The Missoula Lions Club has been selling Christmas trees since 1944 and the pandemic isn't keeping them from selling trees for a 76th year. And if you purchase a tree from the Lions Club you're helping make a difference in a pretty amazing way. Proceeds from their tree sales go towards eyeglasses and eye screening equipment for children. How cool is that?

The Lions Club saw opening weekend sales like they've never seen before! But they still have trees and will be selling them while they last at the Missoula County Fairgrounds. Trees are available daily from 11 AM to 8 PM.

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