Dear Missoula Renters,

Moving is always such a blast, isn't it? Since I moved out of my parents' place after high school (10 years ago) I haven't lived in a place for longer than a year and a half. Between accepting new jobs and simply wanting an upgrade, I have lived in 11 different apartments or rental houses... ELEVEN.

Why do I do this to myself? That's a great question without a clear answer.


Now, I'm on the move again looking for a bigger, newer, nicer place (I'm not pompous, I swear). And let me tell you it is an absolute pain in the you know what.

Stop ghosting me

A friend and I have applied to four different houses and all four ghosted us. I won't blast the landlords or management companies that are doing the ghosting, but it's getting ridiculous. We apply (with an application fee may I add), send 1-2 follow-up emails, and even make a phone call. We go through the appropriate steps to ensure at least a follow-up conversation, right? But then...CRICKETS.

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I understand there's a limited supply of housing, so there's probably a billion people applying for coveted houses. It's part of a greater issue of limited affordable housing that has been such a hot topic around Missoula. It doesn't excuse people from abandoning common courtesy. At least write me back and say "Hi, thanks for applying but we found a different tenant. Thanks for the application fee and good luck!"

Give me a "NO" instead of a "..." Is that too much to ask?

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Help a single guy out, would you?

The other thing that bothers me about apartment hunting is how dang expensive it is to live alone. I asked my friend to look for a house together because of the absurd costs of rent and living alone. I love my own space, but when a 500-square-foot apartment that's 30 years old is going for 1,300 dollars it sucks the life out of my soul.

As a human being just trying to live comfortably, I look at prices and go "What the heck? How is that place justifiably 1,300 dollars?" That's not even mentioning the utilities you have to take on by yourself, and Missoulians know all about the rising prices of utilities.

I'm aware none of this is breaking news. I'm aware I'm probably complaining, but it feels good to vent.

Thanks for listening. Have a great day and make sure to tip your waitress.


A poor renter

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