Lee Brice slows things down with "Hey World," a tender new song that directly addresses life amid the coronavirus pandemic. First released on Friday (May 15), the soulful, piano-driven track is accompanied by an equally powerful music video from the "One of Them Girls" powerhouse.

Composed by Brice along with Dallas Davidson and Adam Wood, the tentative, but ultimately triumphant tone heard in "Hey World" comes from a desire for calmness and normalcy during an uncertain time. Instead of wallowing in frustration regarding COVID-19, the team envisioned the song as a respite.

"We wrote this song from an introspective, truthful place," Brice says. "With everything that is happening in the world currently, and how fast-paced we are as a society in general, sometimes you just want everything to stop — just to appreciate what we do have. People are suffering and it can't be ignored."

The musician further hammered that point home when he chatted with Taste of Country Nights hosts Evan and Amber during a Taste of Country Happy Hour Live appearance on Facebook earlier this month. Before playing the song on acoustic guitar, the singer talked about the sensitive mood of "Hey World."

"Sometimes people wanna dive into an introspective place rather than, you know, go party [their] blues away," Brice relayed. "Sometimes they wanna hear something that just takes them where they are."

As for where the musician is, he's not letting the coronavirus stop him from singing his songs or taking care of his family. Just like how Brice wasn't going to use the coronavirus quarantine as an excuse to skip his wedding anniversary this month, when he and his wife, Sarah, celebrated seven years together.

As Brice explained during the Happy Hour Live broadcast, he's currently putting the finishing touches on an upcoming album while spending his days at home. That means country music fans can expect a follow-up to the singer's 2017 self-titled effort sooner rather than later.

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