I am trying to get out fishing as much as possible, not only because I love it but because I am still really learning. I need help still, get so frustrated and lose a lot of fish.

Thanks to one of our premier guides in the area, Kelly Harrison, I learned a lot on our trip on Friday. I learned about bringing my cast back when I am setting the hook even when there is not a fish on and covering more water. I learned about patience, as frustrating as it can be it's important to be patient and think about your next cast.

The biggest thing I took away was setting my hook and bring my rod back and that tip bent. It was an eye opener!

It's always a learning experience with Kelly, and I appreciate that. it's what makes her a great guide. She was just joining me as a friend on Friday, but she worked anyway. it's great to see other women empowering other women. Sometimes we can be afraid of that and it's good to grow together.

Thank you Kelly and Casey for dealing with me!


    Fly Fishing in April

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