Oh yeah, you read that right. There is now a vending machine at the Rimrock Mall, dedicated to... Vending Eyelashes. Let's talk about this a bit.

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TikTok made me do it

This came by on our TikTok feed today, though the video itself is from last summer at Rimrock Mall. At least the sign of good news came when checking the profile of "Latina Chingona" on TikTok... the vending machine is still going, and seemingly going strong! Gotta love small businesses.


@latina_chingona I posted up my eyelash vending machine in Billings mt check me out at the rimrock mall #latinabusinessowner #vendingmachine #eyelashes ♬ original sound - Latina Chingona

So... what is this machine?

This machine inside the Rimrock Mall is dedicated to vending eyelashes. That's it, it offers a wide variety of eyelashes for your... eyelash needs. (I'm honestly not the person to ask about the difference between them... but I know the other would be happy to help you)  

@latina_chingona retrack on restock last weekend !!goodies left for who ever comes and grabs first thanks all who have been on this journey with me #billingsmontana #latinachingona #eyelashvendingmachine ♬ original sound - Latina Chingona

If you are curious as to what is in the machine, the great news is they offer a website showing off their products (ones in the machine, and more). Click the button below to see for yourself.

As for what is in the machine itself...? I'd say for you to have a look for yourself. The bright pink vending machine is one you simply cannot miss, and who knows, you may walk away from it with a brand new set of lashes. You'll find their kiosk nearby American Eagle, D12, which is available on the map at the button below.

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