For months now we have teamed up with the great people at KornUtopia downtown Missoula to make KYSScorn, with the goal of raising funds for amazing causes and non-profits around Western Montana. So far we have helped Camp Mak-A-Dream and Chicks 'n Chaps. Now we are going to start raising money for KYSSmas For Kids.

KYSSmas is an annual fundraiser helping provide Christmas presents for kids who would otherwise go without. In years past we see kids that are used to not having anything buying the most selfless things like a frying pan for their mom to make dinner. Or a warm pair of boots because they have never had a pair. It's easy to see why KYSSmas is so important.

So please, if you're looking for a delicious snack and want to help out the community at the same time make sure you stop in to either the KornUtopia store or the Zootown Gas Station on South Higgins to grab a bag of KYSScorn. Not to mention that it is delicious as it is Huckleberry flavored with White Choclate drizzled on top!


    John Michael Montgomery in Missoula

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