Kip Moore doesn't have a "type," in the traditional sense. The "She's Mine" singer recently visited with Taste of Country Nights radio show and opened up about what he looks for both in life and love.

The full interview will premiere on Thursday night (Feb. 27) at 9PM ET. Click the reminder button to make sure you don't miss him sharing secrets about his new music video, plus that one time someone confused him for Keith Urban and Moore scorched them ...

"She's Mine" is Moore's newest single, from his upcoming fourth studio album. It's a love song with a very playful music video, and while it was written nearly a decade ago, he says the song still speaks to him today.

“There’s not like a type, like a redhead," Moore says when asked what kind of girl he'd like to call "Mine." "I like kindness. I like humor ... you gotta have a good brain. I gotta be challenged.”

The Georgia-raised 39-year-old is known as being one of country music's most thoughtful writers and performers. He's a guy who speaks his mind with fully formed opinions, but cares enough to listen and appreciate challenges. Women who can't keep up? They're out, and it doesn't take him long to see it.

"I just wanna know that there’s something going on upstairs," he says.

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The full interview finds Moore revealing — and singing — his guilty pleasure song and admitting that a well-known college basketball coach once confused him for Urban. Was it the hair color? Their height?

It doesn't matter — Moore's response is on brand and hilarious.

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