How cool would it be if your child's artwork graced the cover of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks fishing regulations booklet?

The annual Montana FWP fishing regulations kids' artwork AND photo contest (two separate events) for the 2021 handbook are on now. Winners will see their work published on the front and back covers of the booklet.

The colored drawing contest is for kids age 12 and younger. Contestants are asked to submit a colored drawing of a fish that lives in Montana.

For the photo contest, photos must be vertical (portrait) mode, or suitable for tight vertical cropping to fit the available space on the regulations cover. The photo must be a minimum resolution and size of six inches tall at 300 pixels-per-inch. FWP will feature your name on the front cover as credit. Please specify how you would like to be credited.

Please include a short description of the photo, so FWP can provide some caption information. Ownership of the photo is retained by the photographer, who may use his/her image for other purposes. Please do not send photos of fish that have been mounted.

Besides having their youth artwork and photo on the covers, winners will receive their photo on the cover, a subscription to Montana Outdoors Magazine and a Montana Outdoors t-shirt.

The entry deadline is October 16. You can get the entry form and all the contest rules at the Montana FWP contest page here.


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