Saturday's Kentucky Derby features a horse with Montana connections. Frac Daddy will "Run for the Roses" May 4 against a large and strong field. 

Magic City Thoroughbred Partners of Billings is made up of a couple of guys who have enjoyed a lot of success in the oil business (is the name Frac Daddy making some sense now?). They are Carter Stewart and Ken Schlenker. They're pretty knew to horse racing, especially on a big stage like this. They've owned a few horses that raced at a now-defunct Montana track, but just decided to dream big and Frac Daddy performed well enough to make it happen for them. Granted, Frac Daddy was in the 45 or 50 to 1 odds range at last report, but hey...Frac Daddy has never visited Montana but we'll keep our fingers crossed for a Derby winner's tour of the state later this summer. DB