With over 12 million albums sold and nearly 30 top 40 singles, Keith Urban has spent the last decade exerting a pretty profound effect on the country airwaves.

And now he’s decided he’d like to have a hand in what his fans smell like, too.

Urban will enter the world of celebrity fragrances next month when he debuts his first scent for men, named Phoenix — and he’s already working on one for ladies.

“I think we’ve got a really good one,” Urban revealed to USA Today, saying he hopes to have his ladies’ fragrance ready for next year. When pressed for details, he begged off, saying, “I can’t tell you. It’s too early.”

Urban was only too happy to discuss Phoenix, however. He told the paper that he was deeply involved with its creation, right down to the name: “I was trying to find something I would wear and wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for middle American men. A lot of those guys I was interested in because they may not be the kind of guys who think much about the way they smell. It’s a sensitive subject. I so get that. It’s the reason I chose the name. I wanted a name that wasn’t too city and not too highbrow.”

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