Man, what a difference a year makes, huh? It was St. Patrick's Day last year that we got the word that everything in Montana was totally shutting down. No bars, restaurants, movie theaters, non-essential stores, nothing. Slowly but surely, things started to come back, and while it's been a bumpy road, we're now in a position where more and more people are getting vaccinated and we're starting to see a time when we might be able to put COVID behind us.

We couldn't have any St. Patrick's Day parties last year, so people are definitely ready to get out and celebrate this time around. Sacred Waters Brewing Company in Kalispell is holding their own St. Patrick's Day Celebration on Wednesday, March 17th, starting at 4:30 PM.

According to their Facebook event page, the brewery has a new beer release planned for the day, and all founders will enjoy a free pint of your choice on the house.

I expect that won't be the last event we hear about before St. Patrick's Day rolls around. And if you think St. Patrick's Day is crazy during a normal year, I'd bet it's even crazier after a year when everyone's been stuck inside the house and they had to miss out on the last St. Patrick's Day.

Think you'll be checking out the St. Patrick's Day celebration at Sacred Waters Brewing Company? Are there any other places in the area you might be heading to for the holiday? Or are you planning to lay low and conserve your energy for 2022?

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