The fine folks at Missoula Mugs have announced their probable return. Just as I was writing about the possible good news yesterday via the cryptic “goodbye?” message via the website, the creators abruptly updated the site once again with the following message:

‘We're gonna level with you, Muggers: Retirement is boring. We've mastered Sudoku, perfected our golf game, mulched the garden, and done some volunteering. But something is missing. That something is all of you, coming together each day on Missoula Mugs to size up Mullan Road's finest before going on to your (presumably) productive lives. We just miss you guys. It's not the same without you.


But that's not the worst of it. For the past six weeks, Missoula's wrongdoers have escaped the public infamy that their deeds deserve. In a free society, an informed citizenry must be kept abreast of the workings of our government. If that sacred tenet of self-government means anything, it means that when somebody gets hooked and booked in the Garden City, you need to be able to carry out your solemn civic duty to peep their mug shot over your morning coffee.


So here's what we're gonna do: We're going out to the barn later this morning and we're going to pull the dusty tarp off the Mugs server. We'll clean that old girl up, tighten a screw a two, plug her in and see what happens. If all goes well then maybe, just maybe, by the end of the week we'll have revived your favorite pastime: secretly hoping that your ex shows up on Mugs.


Oh, and one more thing. Operating this magnificent service to humanity is not free. You'll note that we've added a “Buy Me a Coffee” link at the top of the page. If you enjoy Mugs, please consider kicking a few pesos our way to help with expenses. And if our merch guy ever gets out of prison, we hope you'll consider buying a Missoula Mugs t-shirt or coffee mug from our online shop.’

I’m not going to lie, I for one am STOKED. I, among many other Missoulians, was a frequent snooper of this popular site.  As I stated in the previous article, these creators have never taken a dime from advertising and seemed to be paying for all costs out of pocket. So when they do get the site up and running, throw them a few bucks and pay it forward. 

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