The other day, I wrote a piece about a few Griz fans in downtown Bozeman that were clearly having a good time celebrating the win over the Bobcats at the 120th Brawl of the Wild.

For the most part, it was an observation and I thought "well, that's a good way to get hurt". It had nothing to do with sides, nor was I taking away from the win, in fact, I stated congratulations.  I just didn't want to see some fella's acting a fool get themselves into a situation. Had I been in Missoula and witnessed Bobcat fans doing the same thing, I would feel the same way.

So, I decided to turn my observation into an article and publish it on our different social media platforms. That's when it turned interesting.

You guys brought it!  I was called all kinds of things from "snowflake" to other things that I can't type here.  It seems that I really hit a nerve and I'm receiving heat from both Cat and Griz fans. Griz fans felt like I was picking on them and I'm an idiot and Cat fans just think I'm an idiot.


I've mentioned before that I appreciate folks speaking their mind, even if they disagree with me. I've also mentioned the mean-spirited ones are my favorite and often make me laugh and let me say this, you delivered on this one!

There were a ton of comments and I certainly can't list all of them, nor can I list any of the comments that were edited by Facebook because of those of you that used inappropriate language or referred to me as certain body parts. (some were very creative by the way.)

So here are the Top Ten best "appropriate" mean comments, so please enjoy. BTW, I added some comments to a few of these, my words are in italics.

10. "What a dumb thing to write a whole article about. I was expecting something FAR worse than an article about 4 people doing something completely expected around the bars... wow"

9. "You are the embarrassment. FTC"

8. "Waste of a read"

7. "Must have been a slow news day" (it actually was)

6. "Griz fans embarrass themselves everywhere... in other news, water is wet"

5. "I have a feeling the author of this article is new to Montana." (I'm not, nor am I new to sports rivalries)

4. "Cool story bro, next time add Dragons!" (LOL@Dragons!)

3. "I’ll never get those couple minutes of my life back taken reading this, unfortunately, terrible article"

2. "As a Bobcat fan… whoever wrote this article is absolutely embarrassing"

1. "Well, WTF happened, did you find a parking spot! People want to know, the people need to know." (for whatever reason, this one really made me laugh, and to answer the question, I did and it was a really good one.)

I'd like to thank all of you who took the time to read the article and then comment on it. Some of these were absolutely great and really made me laugh.  As mentioned, it seems that both Cat and Griz fans thought the article was terrible and I'm an idiot.  This means I found a way to unite both sides, and that my friends, is a rare thing.

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