Anyone who has seen Disney's 'The Jungle Book', as I have, (twice), is familiar with how the story's hero 'Mowgli' is introduced to the King of the Bandar Log, the monkey people, King Louie, an enormous orangutan, portrayed by actor Christopher Walken. 

As Mowgli is ushered into King Louie's presence, he notices a pile of clutter at his feet. He reaches down and picks up...a cowbell, just as King Louie appears.

Christopher Walken....cowbell....does that ring a bell?

Oh, how could we forget? Walken played the 'legendary' music producer Bruce Dickinson as the Saturday Night Live cast, including Will Farrell, portrays the band 'Blue Oyster Cult, playing 'Don't Fear The Reaper'. 

Cowbell...more cowbell!!! I've got a fever for more cowbell!

A classic Easter egg for Disney. See the movie..take the kids, it's great!

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