Just a few weeks ago, John Rich was kicked off of a Southwest flight home to Nashville for being too drunk. So you can imagine why he found it especially ironic that while boarding yet another Southwest flight early Tuesday morning, he received not one, but six free drink tickets.

“IRONY: just checked in for my Southwest flight to New Orleans, and they give me SIX drink tickets!! Its 9:30am….are they setting me up??” Rich tweeted, making light of the situation.

The singer was leaving Las Vegas to return home following the American Country Awards in early December when it was decided he was too intoxicated, and thus “not fit for travel under governing federal aviation regulations.” Rich was removed from his flight by Southwest personnel and had to make other travel arrangements, but he obviously harbors no hard feelings about what went down, given his lighthearted tweets today.

Rich is currently in the Big Easy to find a location to shoot a new music video. Just before boarding his flight and snagging a handful of drink coupons, the Big and Rich hitmaker tweeted some info about his latest venture, saying, “Off to New Orleans to scout locations for a video shoot on a NEW John Anderson song featuring Haggard and Willie!!! Just WAIT till you hear!”

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