With his new single, "Undone," Red Bow Records' Joe Nichols brings his most sultry tune yet to the table. Nichols promised fans that his forthcoming album would have a "sexy side," and that's definitely portrayed in this song.

The smooth tune follows up Nichols' single "Freaks Like Me," and it will make plenty of listeners feel a little weak in the knees.

"Girl, you know you're gonna start a fire when you touch me like that / So go ahead and pull me over the edge / I won't ever go back," Nichols sings in the Trevor Rosen (Old Dominion), Josh Osborne and Ross Copperman-penned song. The chorus of "Undone" ties into the song's title, as Nichols explains exactly what makes him "come undone": "Undone like the buttons on a shirt undone / Showing every single curve I want / It's so bad, baby / You know how to make me come undone." 

Nichols adds, "I just wanna end up all tangled up," making for a racy song that could become the soundtrack of those summer days drifting away -- and oh, those summer nights. 'Undone" was produced by Mickey Jack Cones ("Sunny and 75," "Yeah").

“I love this song. Rarely have I found a song that I think appeals to traditional AND new country fans in a romantic way like this song does," Nichols says. "My greatest hope is that my wife likes it."

"Undone" is another sneak peek at Nichols' forthcoming record, which he wants to have "all the songs that we hope for, great singles, great art, complete picture."

“Hopefully, when this album’s turned in, we can put our hands up and say, ‘I’m proud as hell of this,’ and move on," says the artist. "I think that’s a goal.”

Nichols continues, “… I think the plan is just to capitalize on the success of [2013’s] Crickets and make sure we have an album that’s at least that good, and better possibly. I think, with this album, there’s a little bit more of a sexy side to this album that wasn’t there with Crickets.”

"Undone" officially hits radio on June 6; it's available now at all digital retailers and streaming services. Nichols will be traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada this summer, including stops at Country Jam and Headwaters Country Jam. A complete list of dates is available on his official website.

Listen to Joe Nichols' "Undone"

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