Jason Aldean says the news that he is planning Tyler Farr's bachelor party comes as a surprise to him.

Aldean and Farr are good friends, and they live near one another. Aldean is one of the groomsmen in Farr's upcoming wedding, and Farr told our Taste of Country Nights radio show that Aldean was going to be in charge of the bachelor party, too.

"Which was news to me," Aldean told a group of reporters in Nashville on Thursday (Sept. 1) during a roundtable interview to promote his new album, They Don't Know. "Because the first time I heard that was when I read the story."

As far as planning some sort of wild night of strippers and booze, Aldean jokes, "Man, I'm not planning your bachelor party — my wife would kill me."

He says he and Farr will probably get together with Lee Brice and Colt Ford — Farr's other groomsmen — before the wedding, but it'll be relatively tame.

"I think what we're actually gonna do is, I think we've got a day when we're gonna go play golf, spend the day playing golf, and then I think we're gonna come back to Tyler's house and probably just kinda cook out and have kind of a guys night to hang out. Which is good for me, because he only lives about five minutes from me," Aldean shares, "So it works out perfect."

Having Farr for a neighbor isn't always so advantageous.

"For the first two months I lived there, I wouldn't give him the gate code, because I was like, 'I'm gonna be gone, and you're gonna come in.' And he was like, 'No I won't,'" Aldean adds. "Finally I gave him the code, and sure enough, he sends me a picture in my pool. He's in my pool, and I'm not home."

"Whatever," he adds. "Welcome to Redneckville."

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