If you've spent as much time on Facebook as I have, you'll know that sometimes an opinion is more controversial than others. But, it's honestly quite hilarious to read and react to the arguments I read online. Here are the subjects I think Montanans have the most arguments about. Keep in mind, I will not be sharing my viewpoints on these topics, this is just the subjects I see most often.

New Building Developments Good or Bad

In January, one of the largest stories out of city planners was a plan to demolish the old Elks Lodge here in Billings to replace it with a large apartment building. The largest concern that people argue about is the addition of new buildings in crowded areas. Some believe that it's good for the city, while others who are mostly long-time residents of the area believe that it will increase traffic and cause more danger to those living there.

What Exactly Are The Requirements to be a Montanan?

This is a subject I've talked about before in a list covering what true Montanans would never do. However, it's a lot deeper than just doing or avoiding certain things. Being a Montanan is a way of life for many people, and they live it every single day. However, the Montana way of life is different depending on who you talk to. Therefore, arguments ensue.

Marijuana Good or Evil in Montana?

This has been a more current topic in Montana as of late, so there's a lot of media coverage and advertisements for legal marijuana dispensaries in Big Sky Country. It's incredibly polarizing and has been a part of political platforms in both major parties, so it's no surprise that signs on both sides were vandalized by citizens before the June primary election.

Montana Winters are Brutal...Or Are They?

This argument is typical between someone who just moved to Montana and a Montana native. Typically, the person who moved here isn't used to cold and snowy winters and is surprised at how cold it gets. However, native Montanans tend to disagree, with some even preferring winters in Montana to other seasons. What do you think?

Who's Got the Best College Football Team in Montana?

This argument will never end as long as both teams exist in Montana. It's the oldest rivalry in the state, and whole families are divided on the issue. Trash talk and arguments are all over social media among die-hard fans, which makes it one of the more heated topics on this list.

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Do you feel strongly about any of these topics? I know some of these get me going as well, just keep your arguments civil and polite. Oh, and have fun.

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