If you're cut from the cloth of those that just don't like country music, we understand -- kind of. Honky-tonk tunes and tractor tracks aren't for everyone ... but we think you should re-consider at least some country music.

The country genre isn't all hoedowns and tailgates (although there's certainly a place for those types of songs); truly, it's much, much more, and some of the best country songs feature lyrical depth, sonic surprises and timeless stories.

You may think you'll never like country music, but the albums included in the gallery below are 10 of our favorite, can't-miss projects -- and we think they'll please even the most jaded of listeners. From old classics to new rockin' sounds, these 10 records give even non-country fans a reason to go out and blow a little cash:

10 Albums Even Country Music Haters Should Own

This list was compiled by Stephen L. Betts, and revised by Christina Vinson.

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