There's a reason why Russell Dickerson decided to extend his Big Wheels & Backroads Tour for another string of dates in 2024. The singer says he's felt a definite shift — in a positive direction — while on the road this fall.

"I feel like it's our first big boy tour," Dickerson joked to Taste of Country at the 2023 BMI Country Awards in Nashville earlier in November.

"Like, we got the video screen. We got the big [production]. We're playing our first arenas this tour. You know? So it's like, 'Holy s--t. We're doing it,'" the singer goes on to say. "You can quote me. Holy s--t, we're doing it."

Dickerson's got some big chart success to go along with that big chart energy, too: His song "God Gave Me a Girl" recently topped the Country Aircheck/Mediabase chart this fall, marking his fifth career No. 1 on the chart. The success of his radio singles means a lot to Dickerson, especially since so many of his songs — "God Gave Me a Girl" included — take inspiration from his real-life love story with his wife Kailey.

But expanded tours and bigger venues are perhaps an even more tangible mile marker of the singer's success, and Dickerson says he's here for the ups, downs and new challenges that come with a bigger live presence.

"It's not [always] as crazy," he explains, in response to a question about what changed about his shows when he graduated to arenas. "Because you have the incredible [hardcore] fan, but you also have the 'oh, I know this guy' fan. You know what I mean?"

And sometimes, there's nothing better than those intimate stages, surrounded by a core group of fans who know every word to every song. But Dickerson says that when an arena crowd brings their A-Game, the energy is unmatchable.

"If it's an arena and they're flipping out, they're losing their minds, [I'll take that] all day," he says.

The next run of Big Wheels & Backroads Tour dates kick off in late February in Milwaukee. For a full list of dates and ticketing info, visit Dickerson's website.

Russell Dickerson Wraps His Big Wheels & Backroads Tour

Russell Dickerson wrapped his 2024 Big Wheels & Back Roads Tour last weekend with a pair of shows in Florida. Photos from the weekend show the kind of high-energy party one would expect from a man who just took his song ("God Gave Me a Girl") to No. 1.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

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