Republican Tim Sheehy has been active this week. Sheehy appeared on Fox News stating his campaign raised an added 3 million dollars in his effort to unseat incumbent Senator Jon Tester this November.

Despite Tester calling for a freeze of the 6 billion dollars in assets to Iran, Sheehy took the opportunity to call Tester out.

Few have been weaker... When Biden gave $6B to Iran last month, Tester sat back and said nothing. Tester supported the disastrous Obama-Biden Iran Nuclear Deal in 2015 that empowered Iran - the world's largest state sponsor of terror. Spare us the virtue signaling and empty words @jontester - Sheehy to Tester via X


Tester has yet to respond via social media.

Tester & Sheehy release fundraising numbers

Both candidates released the latest campaign fundraising numbers. The former Navy SEAL told Fox News his campaign took in 2.8 million dollars since kickstarting his effort in June. Most of it stemmed from donors.

Sheehy revealed 2.2 million of the third quarter fundraising dollars came from donor contributions, with an additional $650,000 in personal contributions and loans."

Sheehy boasted the importance of the race saying "This race will determine control."

Current Senator Jon Tester's campaign "said it raised more than $5 million in the third quarter - following another $5 million each of the previous two quarters. 


For more on the fundraising numbers, check out the Missoula Current.

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