Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke stopped by the KGVO Studios on Tuesday for a brief visit and to discuss several topics, with the Silicon Valley Bank at the top of the list. Zinke was firm in saying ‘no bailouts’ for the troubled institution.

“The idea you're going to bail out this bank that has been I think in the forefront of the woke movement,” began Congressman Zinke. “How can the President and Treasury (Department) say we're going to bail out this bank? What? Do they have a $300 to $400 billion fund laying around someplace I don't know of? So there are going be a lot of hard questions in here. But the bailout? No way. These banks that are on this movement such as ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and climate change and where they have put their funds, that's up to them, but don't expect the taxpayers to bail them out.”

Another topic near and dear to Zinke was the Willow petroleum project in Alaska.

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“Remember, this is in the National Petroleum Reserve, specifically set aside by Congress to extract resources,” he said. “The Biden administration did approve Willow although it was evidently difficult for him. It should have been an easy lift, but they also shut off enormous parts of the sea and surrounding areas that have that have known (oil) resources. Again, the Biden administration hasn't changed their tune, and they want to collapse Americans’ ability to produce energy, fossil fuels and be independent.”

The Waters of the U.S. policy is still being decided, and Zinke hopes at least one Senate Democrat (from Montana) will join him in opposing the rule.

“In the Waters of the U.S., what the rule from the Biden administration would promote is that the federal government has jurisdiction over all intermittent streams and cow ponds and vernal pools,” he said. “There's a Congressional Review Act and Congress can nullify this rule, but here’s the catch. We need one Democrat on the Senate side to say yes and vote for Montana and I'm hoping that Democrat is Senator Tester because I know where Senator Danes is. Senator Tester has his do his duty for Montana and to vote against us would be a very, very terrible and bad idea.”

Zinke also referenced the Parental Rights Act currently before Congress.

“Can you imagine that parents have rights? What a wonderful thing,” he said, “It's almost like we're looking at the Constitution again. Yes, parents do have rights. They're their children. But rights also come with responsibilities. So both parent and teachers and school system all have to understand they have responsibilities and roles. But parents do have rights. Parents should be able to see what their children are being taught. They should have access to the classroom they should have access to the curriculum.”

Zinke is the representative for Montana’s newly established Western District.

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