Summer still seems a long way away in Montana. But it's already time to pin down your reservation for warm weather travel in Glacier National Park, with the park opening reservations on Thursday.

This is the fourth year the park will require reservations to enter the park and enjoy population destinations like Logan Pass using a "pilot" program to try and limit overcrowding during Glacier's busiest weeks.

And for the first time, visitors entering the less traveled eastern entrances to the Going-to-the-Sun Road won't have to have a reservation.

GNP releasing reservations through scheduled windows

As in the past years, GNP administrations will be issuing the advance vehicle registrations in blocks, dependent on dates through

There will be two types of booking windows. A portion of the vehicle reservations will be available 120 days, or about four months, in advance on a daily, rolling basis. That starts on January 25th. Next-day reservations will become available at 7 pm, starting on May 23rd.

Dennis Bragg photo
Dennis Bragg photo

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Like last year, visitors will be able to access the St. Mary's Visitor Center without a reservation, and this year that will include the Apgar Visitor Center, and access to shuttles. However, of you're using lodging, tours, or campgrounds or have a wilderness permit that will no longer provide access beyond the Apgar checkpoint without a reservation.

Eastbound traffic on Going-to-the-Sun will need a vehicle reservation from May 24th through September 8th until 3 pm. But visitors coming from the more distant St. Mary entrance won't need reservations past Rising Sun this year.

Other areas

Like 2023, reservations will be needed for the North Fork to reach places like Bowman Lake from May 24th through September 8th. Reservations for Many Glacier will run from July 1st through September 8th, with advanced sales starting March 3rd.

All areas of the park will be available without a reservation after 3 pm.


This year, reservations will only be available for 1-day, which administrators will free up the number of passes. They also remind visitors separate reservations will also be needed for each of the park areas. So, a reservation for Going-to-the-Sun wouldn't cover Many Glacier, for example.

There's also a $2 processing fee to apply through the website. The park says people can also go through the call center, but that doesn't affect the availability of passes. That number is (877)-444-6777.

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