Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - An article in the Washington Times authored by Dr. John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, and its Executive Director Nikki Goeser, makes the case that, to deter murders, the death penalty should be reinstituted.

Crime Victim says 'Bring Back the Death Penalty'

Goeser told KGVO News on Thursday that she has a personal stake in returning the death penalty.

“I'm a victim of a violent crime, myself,” began Goeser, “I speak from experience. My husband was murdered right in front of me by a man who was stalking me 13 years ago. So, I have tried to do what I can to educate the public about what victims go through. And, you know, there's so much emphasis put on criminals, right? It just seems that victims just get lost and forgotten.”

The Author says a Majority of Americans Support the Death Penalty'

Goeser said a majority of Americans support the death penalty, and provided the statistics to prove it.

“Americans support the death penalty by at least a three to two margin and their support would rise to more than two to one if death sentences were actually carried out on a more timely basis,” she said. “I don't know if your listeners are aware, but they are 32 states with inmates on death row, but only eight states and the federal government have actually held an execution since 2020. Additionally, even the states where executions do occur the average time between sentencing and the actual execution is 19.8 years.”

Goeser said she understands that the rights of the accused must be protected.

“I am a supporter of the death penalty,” she said. “Do I think you have to be careful? Yes, absolutely do. I think there needs to be video evidence, DNA evidence, and solid evidence, absolutely. Take Dylan Roof the Charleston, South Carolina church shooter. He murdered nine people. Roof agreed to plead guilty on all nine counts and accept a life sentence, but without this possible death penalty, there would have been no reason for him to do that.”

Here's how the Death Penalty would be a Deterrent to More Murders

Goeser said she and Dr. Lott agree that the return of the death penalty would provide a deterrent to more murders.

“I really think that people need to use it where it is warranted, and we see time and time again where it is warranted,” she said. “It is needed it is justifiable. It's a clear cut case, with solid evidence, and they don't use it. Use it! I think it would save a lot of money. It would absolutely help victims and their families to not have to be re-traumatized by the very justice system that’s supposed to help them.”

Click here to read the article in the Washington Times authored by Dr. Lott and Nikki Goeser.

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