My cohost and I were talking about the etiquette of floating Missoula's rivers. He asked me how I felt about hearing music while floating, and I said, "No. When in nature, listen to nature."

But I thought about it briefly and then amended my answer.

"I like it when people spontaneously burst into song while floating the river. People join in and it becomes a giant sing-a-long."

I took it one step further, and I'll admit, I was being a teensy bit facetious.

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"If I hear music on the river, I want it to be live music. I want someone floating by while playing a banjo."

Much to my surprise, I learned about an event that will do exactly that.

"Rally on the River" in Missoula

Coming up this Wednesday, July 10, fans of floating and bluegrass will have a treat. Local band Spruce Alley Sally has teamed up with Love Boat Paddle Co. to provide live music for floaters on the Clark Fork River. Dubbed "Rally on the River" floaters are invited to put in at the Sha-ron boat launch in East Missoula and things will wrap up by 7:00 pm at Ogren Park.

But how will the band play on the river? They'll be on a river raft, of course! This is exactly what I asked for, but instead of just getting a banjo on the river it's a whole band!

Need some gear for the event? Love Boat Paddle Co. has various types of river crafts for rent. If you find yourself floating the Clark Fork and Spruce Alley Sally floats by, turn down your tunes and give them a listen.

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