How about some good news?

In light of several Missoula restaurants closing, it's a welcome relief to learn about a restaurant that will be opening soon in downtown Missoula.

An Iconic Missoula Corner

The corner of Front Street and Higgins was a long-time home of El Cazador. It opened in 1996 and closed in May of 2022. Since then, the restaurant has been renovating its location on South Avenue. According to an article in the Missoula Current, the plan is for both internal and external renovations, which have been taking place over the past several months.

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The downtown corner where El Cazador used to be has since gone through its own renovations, which were forecasted in an article from the Missoulian last December. Now, the location includes large windows on both sides of the block, which will be advantageous for the new business moving in.

Before we reveal what will be moving in, take a look at another new business that just opened in downtown Missoula.

Take a Peek Inside the New Oil & Balsamics Store in Downtown Missoula

Tosca Fine Olive Oils & Balsamics, located on Main Street in downtown Missoula offers bold and rich flavored oils and balsamics.

Seeing the growth in downtown, this latest development is very encouraging.

Thanks to reporting from the Missoulian, we've learned that the owners of Florabella, Ben Burda and Drake Doepke, will be opening a new restaurant called Très Bonne, which means "very good" in French. In the article, Burda emphasizes that it's not going to be a French restaurant but rather a 'French New American' restaurant.

Credit: Eric Warren
Credit: Eric Warren

Remember those big windows we mentioned? This will be the perfect element for a restaurant that has any semblance of a French connection. Patio dining is practically an architectural feature in Paris. And Florabella already has a large and popular patio along with a gorgeous interior, so I think we can expect great things from this new venture. Très Bonne is planned to open on November 1. Learn more here.

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