When one of our favorite places closes down, it isn't always easy. It's not easy for the establishment, the employees or the people that enjoyed being there. Missoula has seen a lot of change over the years with the restaurants in town. We wanted to know what restaurants that don't exist in Missoula anymore that you miss the most. So we asked, and we got hundreds of responses.

It took us on a trip down memory lane to some of these great eats. Some of the restaurants mentioned haven't been around for a long time, but for some the closing down is more recent. A lot of the responses we received were pizza places in town that are missed.

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There were so many responses it will be difficult to fit them all into one story. I have a direct connection to a few of the restaurants that were mentioned. I worked in three of them, and my father was part owner of one of them at one time.


Missoula Restaurants That Are Missed the Most

93 Stop and Go- By far the most responses we got was for this burger joint that was located on Brooks. Burgers and "Duper Sauce" made this location a local favorite. After 54 years in business they closed on March 16, 2001.

Heidelhaus- There were a lot of responses for this German themed restaurant. This may have been the darkest restaurant in town. The candles on the tables were needed just to see the menus.

Sizzler-  Sizzler chain restaurant got quite a few responses. This was the first place that I heard the phrase "surf and turf" as a kid. There are still Sizzler restaurants in the U.S. Idaho has three of them.

Golden Corral- Golden Corral is another chain that is missed in Missoula. You can still get that all you can eat, but you will have to go to Spokane, Washington to get it these days.

Uptown Diner- The Uptown Diner had some fantastic milkshakes as well as burgers and just a great atmosphere.

Big Sky Drive In- Once located on West Broadway, this was a great spot to grab a burger and some tots. The speakers were barely audible and you hoped they got your order right. Then just pull your car up next to a garbage and have your eats.

Missoula Asian Restaurants From the Past

There were some Asian restaurant that are missed.

  • Alicia- Honey Teriyaki
  • Kathy- Taking it way back. Golden Pheasant
  • Tom- Ming's and Howard’s Pizza
  • Michele- Ming's
  • Aaron- Hu Hot

Some Sandwich shops are missed these days too.

Dan's Soup and San- This sandwich shop was in the Paxson Plaza at one time. They had hoped to relocate back in 2019, but it didn't work out.

The Staggering Ox- The Missoula location has closed, but you can still get their sandwiches in Helena, Billings and Butte.

Bagels On Broadway- Located across from the Missoula Courthouse on Broadway, of course. One of the few places where you could get a great bagel sandwich for either breakfast or for lunch.

Pickle Barrel- Another sandwich shop that closed in Missoula, but you can still get one of their huge sandwiches in Bozeman, Montana.

We have had some seafood place close that are missed.

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When one our favorites close down, we may eventually find a replacement. Some of these places will always have a special place in our hearts. For the record I washed dishes at Little Big Men Pizza, King's Table, and Casa Pablos.

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