I'm even surprising myself, but I'm here to defend greasy, heart-burn-inducing, calorie-laden fast food pizza.

Montana doesn't have a lot of chain restaurants. Case in point: none of America's favorite chain restaurants of locations in Montana. So it's easy to see how Montana would have some of the worst chains because they're also some of the most common.

Delishably singled out the worst pizza in America and Montana has locations for each of the top 5, 79 locations total. With so many towns in Montana having these pizza chains, it seems like someone needs to come to their defense. Allow me.

Pizza Hut
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#5 Pizza Hut

Montana locations: 33 

I'll forever be faithful to Pizza Hut because they rewarded me for reading books with pizza when I was a kid. Remember Book IT, the Pizza Hut program that partners with schools to give kids vouchers for personal pan pizzas if they meet their reading goals? That program turns 40 this year. I probably already loved reading before Book IT, but thanks to Pizza Hut (and the Ninja Turtles), I started loving pizza at a young age, and my first pizza love was Pizza Hut.

Papa John's
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#4 Papa John's

Montana locations: 7

If Pizza Hut got me through elementary school, Papa John's got me through college. I subsisted on that garlic butter sauce my freshman year. Just about every dorm event or extracurricular meet-up in college had Papa John's pizza.

Domino's Pizza
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#3 Domino's 

Montana Locations: 27

Here's the thing: I don't like Domino's pizza. I know I'm supposed to be coming to the defense of these pizza chains, but there's a flavor in the pizza crust that makes me act like a dog who's just tasted the pill through a piece of cheese. But, the Domino's in Missoula has been a great partner of KYSSMAS for kids and is known for supporting the community in other ways, so even if I don't like the pizza, they deserve more respect in my book.

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Little Caesars Missoula Montana

#2 Little Ceasar's 

Montana Locations: 11

I'm realizing I could measure my life in chain pizza. When I was a newlywed we lived four houses away from Little Ceasar's and I ate more $5 Hot and Ready pizzas than I care to admit. We were poor and working a lot and when you can walk down the alley and get a pizza for only $5, why would you eat anything else?

During this time, the phrase "gut bomb" was used a lot in our house.

Pizza Chain Chuck E. Cheese
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#1 Chuck E. Cheese

Montana Locations: 1

It's not about the pizza, is it? When you're a kid in Montana and Chuck E. Cheese is the closest you'll get to a theme park, you eat what they offer. Do you remember eating pizza at birthday parties when you were young? Do you remember what it tasted like? Probably not. That's the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese. It's not supposed to be memorable but it serves an important function. It's birthday party pizza, and that's almost sacred.

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