Somebody actually ranked cities on how hospitable they'd be for vampires.

And why not? We talk about Bigfoot and ghosts all the time, so it's about time for Vampires to get their turn in the spotlight, right?

The people at Lawn Love crunched some numbers. They say, "We looked for cities with plenty of warm bodies, blood centers, and vampire-friendly dwellings (aka casket suppliers and homes with basements)."

Given Missoula's weather alone, it's not surprising Missoula would end up on a list of Best Cities for Vampires.

Here's what it's actually all about: It's for a good cause.

The reality is that we're seeing a nationwide blood shortage. A little over a month ago, the American Red Cross announced a national blood shortage. They explained, "When supplies are low it can often take weeks for inventories to rebound. The Red Cross estimates they must collect 10,000 additional blood products each week over the next month for the blood supply to reach sufficient levels and meet hospital and patient needs."

Locally, we're seeing a need for blood too. Keeley Van Middendrop, a regional representative for Idaho, Montana, and Oregon for the American Red Cross recently shared that "we're down about 25% in our donations."

If it takes a little fun with vampires to encourage blood donations, so be it. There's an opportunity coming up in the next couple of weeks to give blood at locations around Missoula, and it's part of the 'Brawl of the Wild'. You can find out more here.

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But if you are curious about how Missoula ranks for vampires, it's 87th out of 500 cities, with a rank of 67th for Deterrents (like percentage of sunshine, number of churches, number of garlic festivals etc.) and 39th for Community (number of vampire groups). We only rank 171st for Entertainment, but out of 500 cities, still not bad.

Happy Halloween, please donate blood if you are able.

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