There's been a fair amount of good news in Missoula, lately. Businesses have been opening. The U of M graduation ceremonies celebrated students and featured award-winning actress Lily Gladstone as the commencement speaker. We've so enjoyed sharing good news, we even started a feature on Z100 called "Everyday Rockstar" where you can shout out the people in your life who are making a difference.

Unfortunately, we just learned of some bad news that has us pretty bummed out. The Lard Butt 1K, which was scheduled for July 20 in Missoula, has been canceled. And not only that, but the Grand Finale Lard Butt 1K will take place in Seattle, and after that, no more.

Lard Butt '22/ Brian Lee
Lard Butt '22/ Brian Lee

The Lard Butt 1K was "dedicated to the below-average athlete and Weekend warrior in all of us." There was heckling. There were costumes. And oh, the donuts. It was the race that wasn't a race.

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Stories were told of people who never got out of the house, or never exercised who started participating in the Lard Butt and some then went on to run a full marathon.

Three women in butterfly costumes
Credit: Chris Wolfe

Organizers explained the reason for ending the event.

"In short, putting on the Lard Butt 1K is a massive time commitment and our full-time jobs and day-to-day lives keep getting in the way of continuing the event we all love...You never know what the future may bring, but for now it's thank you again and a hearty Get Cracking!"

Chris Wolfe, a long-time supporter and emcee of the Lard Butt 1K in Missoula, was going to write this article but he was inconsolable, and his tears short-circuited his keyboard. Though, I saw him eating a commemorative donut in the break room.

All jokes aside, we sympathize with the organizers and don't begrudge their decision to cancel. We appreciate the years of planning and support, hard work, and dedication of everyone involved in the event.

Cheers to a last hurrah in Seattle on August 10.

PHOTOS: Missoula's Lard Butt 1K 2023

Gallery Credit: Chris Wolfe

Missoula Lard Butt 1k

Missoula's Lard Butt 1k, 2022, a glorious day for doughnuts and costumes.

Gallery Credit: Brian Lee and Chris Wolfe

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