I live in an old house in Missoula, and I tend to send and receive a lot of Instagram Reels like this one:

My husband sent me this Reel because we have a small, single-car garage that desperately needs a glow-up. But not just a glow-up, it needs functional improvements and we thought the solution in the video above was a novel idea.

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We must not have been the only ones who saw value in the organizational hack because nearly 1 million people liked the post on Instagram. According to the creator, it got over 30 million views, i.e., it went viral.

The creator, David Yakos, describes himself on his profile as a combination artist, engineer, and inventor. If you look at his feed, you'll see a variety of posts but I especially like the one that shows the "Venom" costume he made that looks like it can be controlled with a computer, and in the background, you can see a mural of Einstein. He's legit.

When his bin storage rack went viral a lot of people started asking for the plans. If you follow any DIY content creators, this is common. Sometimes the plans are free, and sometimes they are available for download for a price. When Yakos was asked for the plans for his bin storage rack, he did something else, and I think other influencers should take note.

Here's What He Did With the Plans

Yakos made his plans available with an option to donate to the Family Promise of Gallatin County, a Montana nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting families experiencing homelessness.

Family Promise posted in the comments that in just the first 24 hours they raised over $3,400. But the post has been up for four days so I'd imagine the money raised is even higher.

It warmed my heart to see this person not only share their skills with the world but also find a way to support a Montana nonprofit organization. Thank you, David Yakos.

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