You can take the coach out of coaching but you can't take coaching out of the coach.

Is that the saying?

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where is bob stitt now
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Does anyone know the mascot/team name for Colorado School of Mines? I don't know why but I'm fascinated by team names... 

They are the Orediggers. Stitt's Orediggers won over 100 games in his 15 years at the helm, and now he returns to Colorado.

Valor Christian High School

Credit: Google Maps
Valor Christian's Stadium Credit: Google Maps
Valor Christian High School, Credit: Google Maps
Valor Christian High School, Credit: Google Maps

Stitt's new role brings him to Valor Christian High School in Highlands Ranch, CO. If that school sounds familiar, it's because the Griz already has a connection to it. Current Montana Lady Griz players have three players on their roster who graduated from Valor Christian - Macey Huard, and Haley Huard. Valor Christian's team name, by the way, is the Eagles.

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The Eagles have wreaked havoc in Colorado state high school football winning 8 state championships since 2009. It's even more impressive considering the school was founded in 2006.

Best of luck to Coach Stitt and the Eagles next season.

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