Montana Is Vast And Wide And Full Of Places You Can "Get Lost"

In my opinion, that's EXACTLY why murders think it's a great place to put down roots.  If you think Montana doesn't have any killers, think again.  Maybe not as infamous as Ted Bundy, but Montana has had more than their fair share of killers as residents.  I am pleased to say that most of them were not born here.

Only In Your State compiled a great article on serial killers with Montana connections.

Montana Serial Killers

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah From Wikipedia:

  • From Worcester, MA
  • Convicted of assault, kidnapping, attempted murder, child molestation
  • Suspected of 5 murders, none confirmed
  • Suspected of sexual assault and torture of over 10 children
  • Suspected of killing Zachary Ramsey and serving him to his neighbors
  • Arrested In Great Falls
Nathanial Bar-Jonah

Ted Kaczynski From Wikipedia:

  • From Chicago, IL
  • Convicted of 10 counts of transportation, mailing and use of bombs plus 3 counts of first degree murder
  • Arrested in Lincoln
Ted Kaczynski

David Meirhofer From Wikipedia:

  • From Bozeman, MT
  • Not convicted of any crime due to committing suicide shortly after admitting to killing 4 people, 3 of them children
  • Arrested in Bozeman
David Meirhofer
Credit: David Meirhofer via Wikipedia/ CC BY-SA 4.0//Wikipedia//Canva

Edmund Kemper From Wikipedia:

  • From Burbank, CA
  • Known as the Co-Ed Killer
  • First time he was arrested no charges filed because "murders deemed incomprehensible for a 15-year-old to commit"
  • Second arrest, 8 charges of first degree murder, 7 women one girl
  • Arrested in Pueblo, Colorado
Edmund Kemper

Wayne Nance From Wikipedia

  • From Clinton, MT
  • Known as The Missoula Mauler
  • Died attacking Doug and Kristen Wells, both of whom lived
  • Never arrested, thought to have over 6 victims
Wayne Nance and Victim Marcella Bachmann

Edward Edwards From Wikipedia:

  • From Akron, OH
  • Served time at Montana State Prison for robbery in Billings before it was known he was a serial killer
  • Confirmed that he killed 5 people, suspected of killing upwards to 15 people
  • Arrested in Atlanta, Georgia
Edward Edwards

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