The Deadline for Montana Real ID, May 7, 2025

Back in 2005, the United States Congress passed the Real ID act. It was a way for America to standardize security requirements for airports and federal facilities across the United States in the aftermath of 9/11.

Montana has been fighting it ever since.

Americans will need a Real ID to fly and access federal facilities beginning May 7, 2025.

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How Do I Get A Real ID?

According to Montana Motor Vehicle Division:

  • You need to know your SS number and it needs to match your name exactly when checked.
  • You need to provide one of the following documents: Government certified US birth certificate, Consular report of birth abroad, Valid, unexpired US passport, certificate of naturalization, certificate of citizenship, or permanent resident card.
  • You must provide one of the following documents per name change: Government certified marriage license/certificate of marriage, Court certified dissolution of marriage/divorce decree, certificate of naturalization/citizenship, or court order granting name change.
  • Two documents to prove you live in Montana (with your current Montana address) such as a utility/phone bill, school transcript/report card, vehicle registration or title, first class mail or rental agreement/rent receipt.

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Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Getting A Real ID?

Keep in mind, all documents must be unaltered and certified by the proper agency. You do NOT need to bring in your Social Security card, but your name needs to match exactly when they look up your Social Security number.  Minors do NOT need a Real ID to fly, but they must pay the fee if they want a Real ID.

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