Some people might be hard-core fans of their college alum and football team, and then there is this guy.

Let me introduce you to possibly the toughest man on the planet, Rudy Noorlander. On September 8th, Rudy was on a hunting trip outside of Big Sky, Montana. Rudy was being a good Montana hunter and helping two other sportsmen track down a deer they had just shot when every Big Sky Country hunter's nightmare happened. A Grizzly bear attacked Rudy out of nowhere. It happened so fast Rudy wasn't able to deploy his bear spray and to make matters worse, his gun misfired. The bear attacked Noorlander by the lower jaw and started shaking him around. According to reports, the other two hunters wanted to shoot the bear during the attack but were afraid of hitting Noorlander, so they started shouting and throwing rocks at the bear. 

The Grizzly eventually left, but Noorlander was badly injured. As he's recovering Rudy has taken this extremely scary situation and put his own positive spin on it. You see Rudy, is a big fan of the University of Montana Bobcats, and this Griz attack is only fueling his love for the Brawl of the Wild Game and his hatred for the Montana Grizzlies. Rudy is now back home after recovering for 5 weeks in a Utah hospital and after his attack, Rudy is looking forward to two things. A root beer float and a Bobcat win in Missoula for the Griz/Cat game.

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You read that right. Imagine hating the Griz so much and being such a tough Montanan that after a near-death Grizzly bear attack, you use the experience to fuel the love for your team and excitement for what is definitely one of the longest and best rivalries in college football.

Rudy, if you're reading this, even though I'm sitting in a studio in Missoula and I'm rooting for the Griz, I have to say, sir. I'm rooting for you even more, and I think I can speak for the whole state when I say, we all are. Good on 'ya.

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