Believe it or not, ski season is almost here. That's right! Soon you will be strapping slick boards to your feet and falling gracefully off of a mountain. Now, you are probably thinking "When will it snow?" Who knows. You may remember back in 2019 when we had a freak fall snowstorm. In fact, it was 2019 when places like Browning received 52 inches of snow in September. Havre reported 10 inches. And we here in Missoula were flabbergasted by nearly 2 inches of September!!!!

Clearly, we are not expecting the ski resorts to just throw open their doors at the first sight of snow. In fact, Snowbowl is estimating that they will not be open until December 9th. Lost Trail is estimated to open on December 3rd. Until then, the resorts are sprucing things up in preparation for the upcoming ski season.

One chore on every resort's list is to clean up the mountain. Before the snow starts to blanket the ground, resort employees must get out and pick up all the things that skiers and snowboarders may have lost during the previous season. Just think about what things you may have dropped, or fallen out of your pocket, while on the lift. Remember that time you biffed it on the icy run? How much did it cost to replace that cell phone you lost in a snowbank?

A TikToker, from a resort near Lake Tahoe, documented all the crazy things that people lost on the mountain, everything from full bottles of booze to vape pens, not to mention cell phones, and ski passes galore. Might want to watch the following video, so you can get a better idea of the things you are most likely to lose on the mountain.

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