What would it take for you to give up fast food? Would you be willing to shave a few years off of your life, if it meant you could still eat french fries? People say that smoking and drinking will take years off of your life. Yet people still manage to guzzle gallons of beer and chain smoke. Some say fast food is just as unhealthy as smoking and drinking.

How many years of your life are you willing to give up in exchange for fast food?

I personally have been on plenty of different diets in the past. Some of the cravings I have had while on those diets were intense. But, I vividly remember a diet where all I craved was french fries. It wasn't candy, sugar, or bread. There was a point during that diet where I would have gladly slapped my elderly grandmother in the mouth for a basket of french fries. Thank God for willpower.

Montana ranks at the top of the list for people willing to give up over a decade of life for fast food.

According to a study from Drug Genius, they surveyed over 3,000 people from different states in the US.

The results revealed that the average person would give up 4 years of their life to continue eating fast food! When compared, men were willing to forfeit 5 years of their life, as compared to women, who would give up 4 years. In fact, 51% of people also admitted that they flat-out ignore frequent studies that warn of the health risks of eating too much fast-food.

But, 3 states stood out above all others. Montana, North Dakota, and Hawaii all say that they are willing to shave a whopping 12 years off of their lives for a Whopper from Burger King. Other states like Alaska, Oregon, and Maine are only willing to give up 2 years of life for fast food.

All I can say is "GIVE ME TACOS...OR GIVE ME DEATH!"

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