Comedian Bert Kreischer recently wrapped up his "Fully Loaded Comedy Tour" at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington. A few days before that, he found himself enjoying a relaxing day floating on the Boise River in Idaho. Much like many of us here in Montana, Bert and his crew grabbed some tubes and hit the water. Bert soon found himself in a situation that many of us have experienced while on the river. He dropped an item in the water during the float. Bert lost his phone in the bottom of the river. He was devastated. That was until a hero came along to help.


Basically, the "River Robinhood" has created a service to help floater retrieve lost items in the water. Whether it be the keys to your car, your favorite pair of sunglasses, or your phone. You can call a guy, and he will dive into the river and find it for you.

Why can't Missoula have a service like this? We have seen videos of people surfacing online that show people diving around Missoula area float spots to find lost items. But, not intentionally looking for specific things.

Check out some of the items that one diver found recently while scouring the bottom of the Clark Fork in Missoula.


Those are some of the most "Missoula" items you would expect to find in the Clark Fork.

So when will Missoula get our own underwater hero? Who will step up and offer a service like the River Robinhood?

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