I had an emotional moment this morning. It dawned on me that I needed to get my son signed up to take his hunter education training. The thought of it immediately took me back to my time in the hunter education program. Not going to say exactly how long ago that was. Let's just say Seinfeld was still airing new episodes. I remember how seriously I took the training because I was so passionate about the subject. Now I am sending my son with the same amount of passion for the outdoors to take part in the training. I got a smidge emotional as I searched for upcoming courses. Mostly because I feel that taking hunter education is a right of passage for many outdoorsmen and women.

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I assumed that finding available courses would be difficult. You know? Having to navigate a website that is run by a government entity... But, it was the exact opposite. In minutes, I had my son signed up for an upcoming FREE hunter education training program.

According to the Montana FWP

These free courses are offered throughout the year across the state for anyone 10 and older. Instructor-led hunter education courses provide new hunters with a hands-on learning experience and can be particularly beneficial for people who have minimal experience in the field or handling firearms.

Students who choose to take the in-person course must attend all classroom sessions, a field day, and pass a final exam.



All I did was visit the hunter education page on the Montana FWP website. The "find a course near you" link will take you to a page that has all upcoming courses listed for communities across the state on Montana. Find which one is closest to you and fits your schedule. You can pre-register and get important course pamphlets after you register.

Students can also register to take the course online. However the online courses cost $. Plus, all students must take an in-person field test to get fully certified.

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