Anyone who has spent any time in small-town Montana knows the most popular place to hang out. That is usually the gas station or the bar. I still remember playing with pool balls at small Montana bars while on hunting trips all over the state with my Dad. Places where the bar was the post office, grocery store, and gas station.

In Wise River, Montana there is a classic small Montana bar that is getting the rockstar treatment. Montana's own Tim Montana and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons have taken over ownership of the bar.

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According to the Montana Standard

In August, Montana, along with ZZ Top guitarist/vocalist Billy F Gibbons and a few other partners, bought the Wise River Club from owner Lynda Davis. Gibbons visited the Wise River Club during the weekend of Oct. 7 and even played a rendition of “La Grange,” a signature hit for ZZ Top, an internationally renowned band with Texas roots. Gibbons happily handed out ZZ Top swag to customers, including a couple who clearly had no idea who the guy with the long beard was.

Tim Montana continues to climb the rock charts with his song "Devil You Know." According to Montana Standard, Tim Montana said he pulled over near Rocker and wept when he heard the news of his single reaching near the top of the charts. Not too bad for a guy from Big Sky Country.

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We can't wait to see what they plan to do with the Wise River Club. Could it soon become a destination for intimate shows with giant artists? Could it transform into a Nashville-style Honky Tonk? Or will it stay true to its roots and remain a classic small-town Montana bar?

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