We all know that Montana is a beautiful place. Because of that beauty, our state is a highly sought-after place for filming movies. I'm sure we can all count on one hand some of our favorites that we know were filmed in the Treasure State. You can probably count on all your fingers and toes, that all the movies you didn't know were filmed in MT. One movie, in particular, is the 1974 film "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot." This movie starred two young actors who are still making magic on the silver screen. I'm talking about legendary actors Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges.

According to The Roxy Theater, the synopsis of the film goes like this:

While stealing a car, free-spirited drifter Lightfoot (Jeff Bridges) crosses paths with legendary thief Thunderbolt (Clint Eastwood) in the midst of his own escape. Thunderbolt's old partners in crime, Red (George Kennedy) and Eddie (Geoffrey Lewis), believe he double-crossed them after they robbed a Montana bank vault several years ago. After Thunderbolt successfully pleads his innocence and is let off the hook, Lightfoot rallies them together as a group to rob the very same bank again.


A filmmaker named Herve Attia, retraced the steps of Eastwood and Bridges and showed the exact filming locations of the movie 50 years later. See just how much places like Great Falls, Wolf Point, and Fort Benton have changed.

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot 1974 ( FILMING LOCATION ) Clint Eastwood Jeff Bridges from Herve Attia on Vimeo.


The Roxy Theater in Missoula is celebrating the 50th anniversary of this classic film on Thursday, January 25th. Brought to you by the folks from the Montana Film Festival.

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