The Montana Grizzlies had an amazing season in 2023. Making it to the big dance in Frisco, Texas. Unfortunately, the Griz came up short of winning the National Title game versus South Dakota State just a few weeks ago. Which was some tough news to take for many members of Griz Nation. One Griz fan was having a tough weekend, on top of the Grizzlies losing the Championship game.

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Returning home on a recent frigid, windy day, Lindsay Gardner thought her beloved Griz football inflatable helmet had been snatched from the family's front yard. “The whole (football) season, I figure somebody was going to either pop it, or steal it, or something was going to happen,” Gardner told MTN. Something did happen. Just not what she had originally suspected.

A UPS driver was in Lindsay's neighborhood when he noticed her giant inflatable Griz helmet getting blown away in the wind. The driver is Jonathan Kuntz of Billings. He took the time to untangle the inflatable helmet from a tree before approaching Lindsay's home to inform her about it. Gardner wasn't home at the time so Kuntz secured the helmet to a table on the side of her home and left a note saying where he put it.


Lindsay was so appreciative of Kuntz for rescuing her beloved Griz helmet, that she reached out to social media to find him by posting a picture of Kuntz from her ring doorbell camera.

It turns out the UPS driver pictured above noticed our masterpiece slipping away (just like our performance in Frisco). While I know some of you Bobcat fans would’ve preferred my lawn ornament blow away, I think we can all agree folks like this guy make you feel a little bit better about this crazy and chaotic world we live in.

Gardner just wanted to let him know how he saved the day after a tough loss for the Montana Grizzlies in Texas.

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